Go-To-Market Consulting

Go-To-Market Consulting

Powder metal technologies are complex, and manufacturers have limited resources and time to figure out how to launch and sell in today’s environment.

PMT can help. We evaluate new technologies involving powder metal, identify blue-ocean applications or avenues, create marketing plans, set pricing strategies, and execute the launch, among other marketing services.

By working with PMT, you will:

Be more productive.
Rather than relying on a direct sales employee or manufacturers’ representative, you can turn to PMT for the sales process. This will ensure that you eliminate risk, save money, and come up with the best solution for your needs. We produce results.

Eliminate the middleman.
No more working with reps or dealing with conflicts of interest on RFQs that come directly to you. PMT works on top of whatever sales system you have in place, contracting with you directly to pinpoint the customers offering the most profitable applications.

Get to market quickly, with the right strategy.
While a salesperson will keep an eye out for potential opportunities to materialize, we already have your ideal solution, thanks to our ongoing connections with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), our understanding of your business, and our focused pitches.

Obtain access to the best partners.
We have a sophisticated, cloud-based database of stakeholders worldwide. PMT will only connect you with premium, gold-level contacts; our strong personal relationship with these companies gives us early insights into developing opportunities, as well as information and guidance as we work out the best deal.

Execute market and sales strategies that work.
We will share our vast technical, market, and commercial knowledge with you. Because we know powder metal so well, we will help you determine the best course for your business.

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