Powder Metal Consulting

Powder Metal Consulting: Effective Solutions
Based on Accurate Information

Customers come to us when they need to make a decision on how to move forward in the face of one or more of the following challenges:

  • They have created new technology and wonder why they cannot make a sale.
  • They have made bad strategic decisions due to inaccurate industry data.
  • They are facing slow growth or, worse, going backwards.
  • Their traditional sales and marketing strategies don’t work any more.
  • They find themselves in a cycle of hiring and firing direct sales people and reps.
  • They face unforeseen competitive challenges.
  • They let their technology or the customer drive their business, leaving them without a strategic direction or long-term road map.
  • They have a culture that is inflexible and unwilling to adapt to the realities of the global marketplace.
  • They lack an aggressive growth plan.

PMT is the answer. We have expertise that is deep and broad, an extensive database of gold-level contacts, and deep knowledge of new and upcoming powder metal applications that most of the industry is not yet aware of. We also provide accurate market data, something that is rare in the powder metal industry.

We use these resources to provide creative solutions to all kinds of powder-metal challenges.

PMT provides market and feasibility studies; technical guidance and research; M&A evaluations; on-site quality inspections and overall problem-solving related to material selection, tool design, supply chain improvements, and effective program management; sales training; and marketing, commercial intelligence, and strategic planning based on end-use applications.