The FLOW Strategic Sales System™

Our Proven Three-Stage System Will Increase Your Revenue

Powder Metal Technologies LLC (PMT) helps global manufacturers who specialize in making parts from powder metal achieve significantly higher sales. We do this by proactively identifying gold-level customer accounts and new business opportunities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

We typically work with boutique powder metal manufacturers (approximately $10 million to $15 million in revenues) that have a unique process (existing or new) to fill a white space in the market. The PM manufacturers have a variety of specialties, from metal injection molding (MIM) and die-compaction/sintering to 3D printing and cutting-edge techniques. They serve industries including automotive, medical device, consumer products, electronics, aerospace, defense, firearms, and lawn and garden. PMT discovers high-value accounts in these industries. Read more

The bottom line: If you are a powder metal manufacturer, we can help you grow your business. Our unique, proven FLOW Strategic Sales System™ includes three stages:

  • Stage 1: Exploration. We serve as a strategic sales consultant, taking a deep dive into your business and goals and creating a blueprint for prospecting brand-new business opportunities. Read more
  • Stage 2: Prospecting. Following the blueprint we created in Stage 1, we use our intimate industry knowledge, expertise, and relationships to identify potential customer accounts among our extensive database of gold-level contacts. We match your capabilities with the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across industries. Read more
  • Stage 3: Mining. Once an application is identified, we mine the opportunity to ensure we achieve maximum return for you, the powder metal manufacturer. This process can take a year or more and includes everything from part design modifications (design for manufacture, or DFM) to contract negotiation to financing new manufacturing equipment. Read more


We understand the powder metal market better than anyone in or outside the industry. We have more and better contacts, so we can bring you the best partners. We are on top of emerging and future trends in processes, industries, and materials, and can identify new opportunities before anyone else has caught on. We keep track of new products that have PM potential and can bring you to those opportunities first.

We have broad engineering/technical and business experience, allowing us to bring all stakeholders together and guide any custom powder metal part from design to market. We are proactive and seek out undiscovered business that you do not have the time or expertise to track down. Most importantly, we add value by bringing your company new parts for high-margin, high-volume serial production.

Derek Rasmussen, PMT founder and creator of the FLOW Strategic Sales System™, has a solid grounding in technical sales, engineering, and tool design. But what differentiates him from others involved in powder metal sales is his education and communications experience. He has synthesized his knowledge of digital communications and his extensive global network of connections with his in-depth technical background. This makes him unique in this industry and has enabled him to create a wholly new, creative, and proactive way to find just the right part to increase your sales.

This website focuses on our work with powder metal manufacturers. If you are an engineer or purchasing agent interested in powder metal parts or looking for a solution in powder metal technology, we can help you, too. Visit PMT founder Derek Rasmussen’s LinkedIn page to learn more.