PMT: Your Connection to the
World of Powder Metal

Powder Metal Technologies (PMT), LLC is the only proven powder-metal consultancy in the world. Our mission is to be the foremost expert, thought leader, and consultant on all aspects of the powder metal industry and to provide creative solutions to ensure our clients’ success. We have the experience and track record to solve any powder metal challenge.

We deliver our clients high-value business, market and application guidance, and insights into powder metal opportunities. With our network of relationships and deep knowledge of powder-metal industry economics, competitive analysis, technology analysis, advanced marketing, application development, and customer relations, we have secured a unique place in the global powder metal industry.

We serve clients across a wide variety of applications, manufacturing sectors, processes, and businesses, assisting customers on the supply side, on the customer side, and in allied industries. By offering our clients a comprehensive understanding of the technical, market, and commercial facets of powder metal, we can ensure they make informed, insightful decisions.

PMT provides two main services:

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About this Website

The design elements on each page of the Powder Metal Technologies website are created from powder metal or related materials. Original photographs were taken for each page, with 100% iron powder used on the Home, About Powder Metal, and Contact pages; bulk metal filaments on the Powder Metal Consulting page; metal injection molding (MIM) feedstock containing spherical metal powders on the Sales Representation page; and water-atomized stainless steel powder on the Case Studies page. The photos were then digitally filtered to create a look that is unique and artistic while retaining an industrial feel.

As we thought about the design of the website, our goals were to make PMT’s brand stand out from other companies in the powder metal industry and to reflect the same forward-looking, out-of-the-box thinking that is the foundation of the process PMT utilizes to serve its clients’ needs.

Design and digital photo manipulation: JHR Design.
Photography and editorial: Raugust Communications.