Case Studies

Case Studies

See how our expertise in powder metal and related technologies has helped our clients save money, identify the right process and product, and solve unique problems.

Client #1: European material fabricator.
PMT evaluates new opportunities for legacy products

A client had a legacy product that was its core competency, used in an industry outside of powder metal. It came to PMT to investigate the powder metal industry and see if there was a fit for its current product, or a slightly modified version of it, in one of the more than 150 applications for metal powders.

Working closely with the client’s advanced marketing team, PMT was able to identify just under 50 potential uses of its product within the growing powder metallurgy field. PMT and the client team reviewed each area, filtering for market size, technical modifications, and other metrics as dictated by the C-Suite. After an exhaustive study, we targeted five to 10 areas for in-depth analysis.

In confidence, PMT opened communication with potential customers to gain intelligence, including annual volume and potential price points. At the proper time, the client was put into direct contact with the users, completing the handoff. The client is now directly working with end users on a number of powder metal process-enhancement applications.

Client #2: North American die compaction facility.
PMT identifies new gold-level accounts.

PMT sat down with a new client and brainstormed target applications and customers. Based on that information, PMT used its unique offense-driven sales and marketing strategy to reach out to these customers, identified through our proprietary database, via electronic networking platforms.

At one of these customers, we were able to identify an innovative new technology that could benefit from powder metal die-compaction and material. We worked closely with our client and the customer to develop a set of components and take them through the testing phase into serial production.

Based on electronic networking, our proprietary contact database, our global OEM reach, our knowledge of powder metal and consultative sales technique, and extensive travel for face-to-face meetings, we were able to locate a gold-level customer for our client. The program met all the requirements expected of a gold-level application in a target industry, including a long-term contract (10 years), high margin, and revenue (US $4 million per year).

Client #3: Iron supplier in Asia.
PMT finds viable opportunities for new processes

A client outside of the powder metal industry recently developed an innovative process that it thought would have direct applications and sales potential in the powder metal industry. However, company executives knew nothing about the powder metal industry itself or the potential for this product. All they had was a hunch. PMT visited the customer facility and inspected the technology, then started identifying applications, customer specifications, price expectations, and roadblocks, including completing an extensive SWOT analysis.

PMT’s final report included a section that provided detailed and accurate market information about the powder metal industry to give the customer an understanding of the overall powder metal landscape and provide context before drilling down to the specifics of their process. This laid the groundwork for strategic planning.

PMT then introduced the client to potential customers. Learning about these customers’ requirements helped the client hone the final quality and technical features of its product. Doing the upfront analysis with PMT allowed the client to streamline the transition to a marketable product and tailor the product development work to customer requirements, saving time and money.

Client #4: Financial services/private equity company.
PMT identifies merger, acquisition, and partnership targets

PMT assisted an independent investor making its first foray into powder metal. The client was interested in directing a potential merger, acquisition, or other type of partnership, but was overwhelmed by the multi-leveled landscape of the powder metal industry.

The project, which required the strictest confidentiality, allowed the client to access PMT’s exclusive combination of industry, technical, market, and commercial knowledge. In conjunction with PMT professional consultants, the client gathered data and information, set strategy, and developed a list of companies that met its conditions.

As part of the study, PMT flagged advantages, potential challenges, and pitfalls associated with each candidate. By incorporating PMT as a resource in its decision-making process, the client was well informed as it did its analysis and was confident that its final decision was the right one.

Client #5: New tech entrant into powder metal industry.
PMT guides clients to white-space market leadership

PMT assembled a highly qualified team to take a client from ideation to manufacture of a new product. Combining our expertise in materials, product development, engineering, processes, manufacturing, and operations, all while keeping a keen eye on commercial and marketing trends, we assisted our client in introducing a product that filled a white space in the market. By using PMT throughout the entire value-creation chain, the client established a position as the market leader in a new segment without existing competition.

Client #6: Well-established North American manufacturer.
PMT finds new revenue streams for existing products

A manufacturer had a legacy product primarily sold into an end market that was not growing. PMT helped the client develop an exit strategy from this low-margin business and develop a replacement-growth strategy. Due to PMT’s highly networked position, we were able to open communication with customers in industries to which the client had not traditionally had access and target innovative end products the client had not explored.

Client #7: North American die compaction facility.
PMT recovers lost business

A manufacturer recently lost a significant piece of business with a key customer. PMT sat down with the manufacturer and reviewed the program history and identified a chain of causation. We opened communication with the customer and began to re-solidify the relationship.

PMT was not only able to save the balance of the business that remained on the books, but we were able to correctly position the supplier in the customer’s eyes. When a new program later appeared, the customer realized that the capabilities of the manufacturer fit its requirements, and the supplier is now in serial production.

Client #8: European metal powder producer.
PMT has the vision to think creatively

A consulting client was recently faced with the loss of revenue when the natural life cycle of one of its primary products ended. It needed to replace this revenue. PMT began by evaluating the client’s overall operation, from manufacturing capability, quality, and engineering resources to management. Through this analysis, which relied on our diverse knowledge and background in the powder metal and peripheral industries, PMT was able to find and fill a white space in the market, marrying a set of technologies, markets, and applications with the client’s capabilities.