Stage 1: Exploration

What Type of Business Will Effectively Grow Your Operation?

In Stage 1 of our proven, three-stage FLOW Strategic Sales System™—the Exploration stage—we create a proactive program and set of actions to significantly increase your sales. Working with you, we develop a menu of potential opportunities based on management vision, part size, geometry, materials, primary end uses, target industries and customers, yearly volume goals, company growth phase, and fit with your technology and operation. We specialize in finding you high margin, multiple-year, million-dollar-plus contracts with big accounts, and we anticipate and identify new products coming online in the industries you want to infiltrate.

Think of yourself walking on a mountain, surrounded by snowy peaks. You hike along a rocky trail, noting occasional flecks of shining metal in the soil as you walk through the rugged terrain. What you don’t know: Under your feet is an undiscovered gold mine, a treasure trove of opportunity that you are passing right over, unaware. As a powder metal manufacturer, you are facing a similar scenario. You are focused on the day-to-day activities of responding to RFQs and making sure your regular accounts are satisfied. You don’t have the time to discover and explore the new and lucrative opportunities all around you, and you may not even not be aware they exist.

That’s where PMT comes in. We are the only company with the expertise, contacts, and resources to explore all the possibilities and bring you the best new accounts to increase your revenue and profitability, based on your specific objectives and capabilities. Our worldwide network of contacts and our deep industry expertise gives us unique insights into new primary end uses, new and disruptive products currently in the design stage, and overall component trends. We can find you new business you would not have discovered otherwise.