Case Study: Client #2

Account in the Electrification Business

This account had been producing a discrete part for more than a decade, scaling up over time from 20,000 to 30,000 units per year to current demand of 6 million annually. As quantities rose, it became necessary for the manufacturer to bring its product cost way down. Powder metal fit this scenario well.

Stage 1: Exploration

With its knowledge of both injection molding and die-compaction tool design, PMT was able to review the part drawing tolerances and model, deliberate over the options, and subsequently present a suitable powder metal process to cut costs dramatically.

Stage 2: Prospecting

Once PMT identified the fabrication process, it proceeded to contact the manufacturer and lay the groundwork for cost-effective part routing. It coordinated with the manufacturer and the account to make sure the part could be capably produced and would meet the requirements of the application.

Stage 3: Mining

PMT knew there was a product pilot test coming up that the part should be in. The tests are done infrequently and are expensive. Because of this knowledge, the manufacturer expedited prototypes to ensure test parts were ready for the pilot builds.


The part passed pilot testing and will go into serial production. This means the account will achieve a significant cost savings. Furthermore, it brings the manufacturer a nice piece of new business.

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