Case Study: Client #5

Legacy Sintered Products Manufacturer

A manufacturer was looking to elevate the quality of its account/customer base.

Stage 1: Exploration

PMT analyzed the manufacturer’s operation, capability, and core competencies. It then identified target industries, customers, and primary end uses that would improve the manufacturer’s operational performance and top-line revenue.

Stage 2: Prospecting

Whenever PMT called on accounts, attended trade shows, or connected with industry experts, it would keep the manufacturer’s list of targeted opportunities on hand. A potential group of applications in the automotive industry was uncovered and PMT called a meeting with the OEM. PMT and the manufacturer ended up quoting 100 parts and getting none of the business. But, over time, a situation came up in which the target account designed a device that was far too expensive to produce. It needed to cost-reduce. A relationship had been established, so the account came to PMT and the manufacturer, knowing their capabilities, engineering expertise, and application knowledge would help solve its problem.

Stage 3: Mining

PMT and the manufacturer provided the account with significant engineering support. They spent two years helping the account develop highly engineered PM parts that pushed the limits of the technology. Automation and special equipment were required to produce the part in volume. PMT and the manufacturer worked closely with the account to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and finally a Long-Term Supply Agreement (LTA) of five to seven years.


Two highly profitable parts are in serial production for an increase of $5 million to $10 million in sales per year for the manufacturer. The potential exists to expand the business, as the same part can be used in two other car models in addition to the one where it is being used now.

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