Case Study: Client #6

Manufacturer of Highly Pure Metal Powder

A company had a proprietary metal powder production process that took decades to perfect. The metal particles were required for depositing protective coatings on substrates. This lucrative business was increasingly being impacted by low-cost producers in China. The company knew there was little future in this application. It wanted to replace the declining market with a new application or series of opportunities where it could leverage price and its ability to produce consistent quality powder in volume.

Stage 1: Exploration

PMT worked closely with the powder producer to identify several areas of opportunity and introduce its powders to unforeseen markets. Anticipating new and disruptive primary end uses was the core of the strategy. PMT discovered lucrative white spaces to pursue by compiling reliable and accurate market data, which is notoriously difficult to source through the big research companies. This gave the manufacturer the accurate information necessary for strategic planning and associated equipment buys.

Stage 2 and 3: Prospecting and Mining

In this case, the manufacturer specifically wanted PMT to explore the possibilities for introducing its powders to new markets. Once the Exploration stage was completed, the information was handed over to the company’s sales department in a detailed, action-oriented report. The sales department used the information to pursue new opportunities.


The manufacturer has been able to replace some of its wavering business with new accounts made possible through PMT’s legwork. It has begun making an extensive investment in expanding its production capacity to meet this new demand.

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